Monday, February 6, 2012

13 magnificent reasons to visit the Pacific Northwest

I ♥ the Pacific Northwest.  Here's a few of the numerous reasons to go visit, from Nor-Cal to Oregon & back...

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Lolly Squirrel

One Log House, Garberville, CA

My dream house, it could not be more perfect!

Inside my dream house, ♥!

Elk viewing, Humboldt County, CA

Bigfoot is real, in Garberville, CA

Redwood Masterpieces, at the Grandfather Tree Gift Shop, Richardson Grove State Park, CA

Paul Bunyan speaks.  At the Trees of Mystery, Klamath, CA

The Treehouse Treesort Lodge in Takilma, OR

Even more fun in the trees... treehouse lodging at the Treesort in Takilma, OR

the murals at McMenamins Kennedy School, Portland

Nutella, strawberry, & cream cheese waffle sandwiches, yum!  @Flavour Spot, Portland

Vintage clothing goodness on N. Williams, btwn Failing & Shaver, in Portland, OR

Lodekka, on the upper deck... always a fashionable shopping experience!

authentic Tiki, in Portland!

the amazing Alibi sign at night

with cousin Harold, & Walter B. Pancakes

hazelnuts abound!

Railroad Park Resort, Dunsmuir, CA

potential swimming opportunities in the RR Park pool!


  1. These are terrific pictures! Autumn has been talking up the Treehouse Treesort and now I can see why. The Log House looks super amazing too...

    1. Thanks, Robley! You & Autumn would love it at both places. I say onward ho, road trips are the way to go... :)

  2. Ooo, I hope you had fried mac and cheese at The Alibi!

    Found your blog via Aimee, love it!


    1. Wow, thank you! And, FRIED MAC & CHEESE!? I did not get to have such a wonderful food at the Alibi. On the next visit, 4-sure, I will partake!! :)