Friday, February 17, 2012

The Madonna Inn - my Happiest Place on Earth

When I need to get out of town & clear my head, a favorite get-away is a road trip to the Madonna Inn, in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Built by Alex Madonna in 1958, it continues to be run by his family, & has retained all the character from days gone by.  Here's a sampling of photos from some adventures there...

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I ♥ the Madonna Inn!!!

Entering the "Cabin Still" rock-room, on the ground floor of main bldg. 3.

Copper still facsimile, in "Cabin Still" room.  The reverse side is the rock shower...

Entering "Cabin Still" restroom/still.

Water flows from this faucet still, into a rock-sink in the bathroom...

Enjoying a refreshing rock cave shower in "Cabin Still".

Blending with the decor, in the "Cabin Still" room.

"Love Nest" room, a suite a-top building 3.

Stairway to the steeple top inside "Love Nest" room.

Almost to the top of steeple stairway, in the "Love Nest" room.

The sky really does look like this.  Above the Madonna Inn, bldg. 3.

"Tall & Short" room, located off central stairway, bldg. 3.

Irresistibly perch-able wall lamp, in the "Tall & Short" room.

"Tall & Short" furniture feet look vaguely familiar...

The "Paris Violets" room has light-up wall pictures!

outer sleeping quarters, "Paris Violets" room

I heart chartreuse.  Pictured here, in the "Paris Violets" room.

"Romance" room, located on the 2nd floor of building 3.

Split level "Romance" room, with balcony bedroom in background.

Loitering with a "Romance" room table base...

Pink marble tabletops, as they should be ;).

 "Romance" room split-level balcony, overlooking sitting room.

For parties, they have free balloons ;) - in the Madonna Inn Silver Bar.

Monday, February 6, 2012

13 magnificent reasons to visit the Pacific Northwest

I ♥ the Pacific Northwest.  Here's a few of the numerous reasons to go visit, from Nor-Cal to Oregon & back...

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Lolly Squirrel

One Log House, Garberville, CA

My dream house, it could not be more perfect!

Inside my dream house, ♥!

Elk viewing, Humboldt County, CA

Bigfoot is real, in Garberville, CA

Redwood Masterpieces, at the Grandfather Tree Gift Shop, Richardson Grove State Park, CA

Paul Bunyan speaks.  At the Trees of Mystery, Klamath, CA

The Treehouse Treesort Lodge in Takilma, OR

Even more fun in the trees... treehouse lodging at the Treesort in Takilma, OR

the murals at McMenamins Kennedy School, Portland

Nutella, strawberry, & cream cheese waffle sandwiches, yum!  @Flavour Spot, Portland

Vintage clothing goodness on N. Williams, btwn Failing & Shaver, in Portland, OR

Lodekka, on the upper deck... always a fashionable shopping experience!

authentic Tiki, in Portland!

the amazing Alibi sign at night

with cousin Harold, & Walter B. Pancakes

hazelnuts abound!

Railroad Park Resort, Dunsmuir, CA

potential swimming opportunities in the RR Park pool!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playland at the Conservatory of Flowers, SF

A recent visit to the commemorative Playland-at-the-Beach exhibit at SF's historic Conservatory of Flowers resulted in the following escapades...  Please enjoy the fun, as I did!
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